Useful Gift Ideas

Everybody has experienced the headache of finding the right gift - often for someone who seems to have everything, or those picky individuals who are hard to please!

Knowing where to start when choosing a gift for a certain person or a special occassion can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some great tips to help you navigate your way through the gift-giving minefiled and come out the other side with the perfect present!

Tip 1: Make it meaningful

Think about the giftee - what might they need? What would be a real treat for them?

Pay attention to what your friends and loved ones say - often people drop hints about what their likes and dislikes are. Look back at the time you've spent together, or take a sneak peek at their Facebook history. Ask their friends or family - often someone really close will know exactly what they want or need. 

People don’t always ask for what they want — or even realize that they need it — but by paying attention to what would make their life easier or what they need replaced, you can almost always pick the perfect gift. 

Great gifts are often the sorts of things people may not buy for themselves, because they're not an everyday essential. For example, if they're manically busy then a massage pillow or pampering products might be really appreciated.

Even if they've said they don't want anything, don’t believe it! Everybody loves a gift and likes to feel a bit special. Showing how thoughtful you are is great for your relationship and helps let them know how much they are appreciated.

Tip 2: Give by interest or hobby

Your friends’ and relatives’ hobbies can also steer you in the right direction when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Are they a gardener, or perhaps a foodie or a geek? Giving within that niche is a great way to let them know that you notice and appreciate this unique aspect about them.

The trick, however, is not to overdo it. If everybody knows that your friend absolutely adores elephants, the chances are that she has more generic elephant-themed items than she knows what to do with!

Tip 3: Personalise

Remind the recipient about you in the gift. You could write a poem on a special piece of paper, draw a picture or include a giftcard. This is especially meaningful for people in close relationships like couples, family members or best friends when you can share the gift opening moment with them.

How about making the gift opening moment special? For example, hide the gift and let them find it with some hints or direction. Enrich the whole gift finding procedure with clues using words, phrases or images that only you share the meaning of.

Tip 4:  Give for good luck

On many occasions, like a housewarming party or graduation, you want to give a gift that wishes the recipient good fortune and prosperity.

Tap into the myths and symbolism associated with auspiciousness and good luck — and get creative! For example: moonstone, agate, and the owl are are thought to bring protection and good fortune, while turquoise, peridot, and the frog are thought to assist in healing.

Tip 5: Give by personality

Think about your giftee's unique personality. Matching their gift to suit their personality sends a message that says you care about who they are.

Geeks will probably enjoy different gifts to arty crafties for example, and beauty queens different gifts to petrolheads. Your traveller friend might like a leather bag or passport holder, while your house proud friend who loves to entertain might appreciate a new tea and coffee tray — you get the idea.

Tip 6: Make them laugh or smile.

If you think the ways above are too serious or involved, then perhaps it’s better to make them laugh.

Don't be afraid to be a bit silly or outside the box, especially with old friends. If they like vegetables, why not give 30 pounds of vegetables in a food hamper?